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a climate-smart foods company

Floating Fruits

Our Story

Our planet ecosystem is overwhelmed by 7.9 billion people,  25.9 billion chickens, 980 million cows, 677.6 million pigs, to name a few. The land-based agriculture and animal farming caused devastating deforestation and climate change.  It is time to recreate a climate-smart food system and reimagine how we cultivate foods.

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Our Technology

synthetic biology + food tech + genomics

At Yali Bio, we're building a synthetic biology platform to tailor-make food compositions from renewable feedstocks.  Our team have strong expertise in engineering biology for a wide-range of sustainable foods.  Synthetic biology, combined with NGS genomics can revolutionize food production and mitigate the overexploitation of our fragile ecosystem.


Join Us

"To tackle the current food system incurred climate impacts, we need a  team of great scientists and engineers to work together."

We are hiring for the following positions:

Sr. Fermentation Scientist

Head of Food Science

Operations Associate

Interns​ * (technology, market, entrepreneurship)

If you're deeply passionate about science and climate impacts, we would love to meet you.

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